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Show your support for the Nanotech Alliance and Nanotech NYC by buying and wearing the most Nanofabulous gear around. We have partnered with Printful and Inktale to offer Nanotech NYC branded t-shirts, tank tops, mugs and sweatshirts in various colors for both men and women. A small portion of the purchase price is passed on to our nonprofit as a fundraising gift.   


Click the item to see a larger image and then click “Go to Link” at the bottom of the image to see pricing and color options or directly visit the Nanotech Alliance store at Inktale to see all of the available options! While at our store, click on either design to see the different color scheme options (dark or light colors) .

Womens T-Shirt - Grey
Womens T-Shirt - White
Unisex Hoodie - Black
Unisex Hoodie - White
Unisex Tank Top - White
Unisex V-neck T-Shirt - Grey
Unisex V-neck T-Shirt - White
Coffee Mug
Unisex Hoodie - Black
Unisex Hoodie - White
Mens T-Shirt - Grey
Mens T-Shirt - White
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