Nanotech NYC is a nonprofit organization entirely run by passionate and enthusiastic volunteers. We are always looking for new members that are interested in contributing. All interactions are purely voluntary, informal and open to anyone who might be interested. No previous experience is required. Just bring your enthusiasm! There are two ways to get involved:

Volunteer Committee Member

Participate on a committee: Development, Event Planning, Social Media, Blog Site, Website and Recruiting

Nanotech Ambassador

Act as a primary point of contact and representative for Nanotech NYC at your respective institution.


If you have an interest in participating as a Nanotech NYC volunteer, please submit the form below, noting all areas you might be interested in participating in and we will get back to you shortly.

Volunteer Interests (select all that interest you)


Volunteer Committees

Development Committee

Members will develop and execute the fundraising plan for the organization, secure financial support from individuals, foundations, and corporations, work with the Event Planning Committee to secure sponsors for events.

Event Planning Committee

Members will orchestrate the overall production of events. They will identify potential partners for collaborative events, potential event locations and potential speakers. Members will select speakers, sessions, and topics.


Social Media Committee

Members will actively participate in forming and carrying out the social media strategy of the organization. They will attend meetings, bring ideas and creative energy to the group, and implement strategies as assigned, including engaging with the organization on social media platforms, promoting the social media accounts of the organization and inviting others to become involved.


Blog Site Committee

Members write, edit, post, and promote the content on the website. They generate and pitch ideas, compose and edit posts, market posts to readers, and conduct research.


Website Committee

Members will evaluate and update the web site and deal with issues such as web content, enhancement, maintenance, and security. The committee will identify strategic initiatives for the site, develop a priority listing of desired design and functionality enhancements and review and analyze website statistics.


Recruiting Committee

The primary function is to help identify and recruit new Nanotech Ambassadors and potential volunteers. Members will also work with other committees to help recruit speakers and sponsors.


Nanotech NYC Ambassadors 

Nanotech NYC Ambassadors are volunteers at NYC area universities that:

  • Act as a primary point of contact and representatives for Nanotech NYC at their respective university departments.

  • Help relay information between Nanotech NYC and their institution, such as news and events.

  • Help communicate and connect with the nanotech community at their institution.

Additional opportunities exist to:

  • Write blog posts for the website.

  • Participate in Nanotech NYC social media channels.

  • Generate ideas for web content.

  • Help organize seminars, outreach events, and networking events.


  • Passionate about creating a more united and collaborative nanotechnology community in NYC.

  • Outgoing and motivated to engage your local community and beyond

  • Ambassadors can be undergraduates, graduate students, postdocs, faculty, staff or anyone who is interested.


Benefits of participating:

  • Growing your professional network.

  • Developing science communication skills.

  • Contributing to the advancement of the field you are passionate about.

  • Having fun and making new friends! We will meet as a group at local spots to socialize and network.

Be #Nanofabulous 

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