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Nanotech NYC is a nonprofit organization entirely run by passionate and enthusiastic volunteers. We are always looking for new members who are interested in contributing. All interactions are purely voluntary and open to anyone with drive and motivation. No previous experience is required. Just bring your enthusiasm! There are two ways to get involved:

Volunteer Committee Intern

Participate on a committee: Development, Event Planning, Social Media, Blog Site, Website and Recruiting

Nanotech NYC Outreach Program

Partner with us to give back to at-need communities and help young students through their academic journey.


Volunteer Committees

Development Committee

Members will develop and execute the fundraising plan for the organization, secure financial support from individuals, foundations, and corporations, work with the Event Planning Committee to secure sponsors for events.

Event Planning Committee

Members will orchestrate the overall production of events. They will identify potential partners for collaborative events, potential event locations and potential speakers. Members will select speakers, sessions, and topics.


Social Media Committee

Members will actively participate in forming and carrying out the social media strategy of the organization. They will attend meetings, bring ideas and creative energy to the group, and implement strategies as assigned, including engaging with the organization on social media platforms, promoting the social media accounts of the organization and inviting others to become involved.


Blog Site Committee

Members write, edit, post, and promote the content on the website. They generate and pitch ideas, compose and edit posts, market posts to readers, and conduct research.


Website Committee

Members will evaluate and update the web site and deal with issues such as web content, enhancement, maintenance, and security. The committee will identify strategic initiatives for the site, develop a priority listing of desired design and functionality enhancements and review and analyze website statistics.


Recruiting Committee

The primary function is to help identify and recruit new Nanotech Ambassadors and potential volunteers. Members will also work with other committees to help recruit speakers and sponsors.


Nanotech NYC Outreach Program

Outreach can make all the difference for young people who come from underserved communities and do not have the resources that others have readily available to them. The Nanotech NYC Outreach Program was envisioned to create a network of Outreach Ambassadors, allowing individuals interested in using their STEM expertise to give back to at-need communities and help young students through their academic journey.


Nanotech NYC partners with local schools, outreach organizations and institutions to develop and facilitate diverse outreach programs. Our community covers all levels of education, from elementary/middle school students to Ph.D. students. Activities range from participation in outreach events, classroom demos, to coursework assistance, to professional and academic guidance and mentorship.


If you are a motivated, reliable individual who wants to inspire the next generation of scientists while giving back to the community and developing leadership skills, then you are the right Ambassador for us! Depending on your educational level, interests, and availability, Nanotech NYC will match you case-by-case with an upcoming outreach activity. We can offer outreach opportunities that accommodate all types of expertise and busy schedules.

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