NYC Area Spectroscopy Facilities

ASRC PSF 160x160.jpg

The facility offers several lasers, light sources, measurement equipment, optics, and mechanical hardware to support Photonics research. 

Manhattan, NY (Harlem)

CUNY ASRC Photonics Spectroscopy Facility

ASRC NMR 160x160.jpg

The facility houses three Bruker AVANCE III HD NMR spectrometers operating at 600, 700, and 800 MHz suitable for the full complement of biomolecular NMR studies.

Manhattan, NY (Harlem)

CUNY ASRC NMR Spectroscopy Facility

ASRC Mass Spec 160x160.jpg

The facility maintains a maXis-II / ETD ESI-q-TOF, equipped with Dionex Ultimate-3000 U(H)PLC and RS-nano-LC systems, and Autoflex-Speed MALDI TOF-TOF mass-spec.

Manhattan, NY (Harlem)

CUNY ASRC Mass Spectrometry Facility

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