NYC Area Metrology Facilities

Columbia SCML 160x160.jpg

The facility specializes in the characterization of surfaces, films, magnetic & layered materials, and crystalline/polycrystalline materials.

Manhattan, NY (Morningside)

Columbia Shared Materials Characterization Lab

Columbia EM Lab 160x160.jpg

The facility includes a 200KV TEM, two SEMs and a suite of sample preparation instruments.

Manhattan, NY (Morningside)

Columbia Electron Microscopy Lab

ASRC Imaging Facility 160x160.jpg

The facility houses a 300 kV cryo-EM, a 200kV Cs corrected S/TEM, a 120kV TEM, a dual beam SEM/FIB, and a super-resolution STED microscope.

Manhattan, NY (Harlem)

CUNY ASRC Imaging Facility

ASRC SS Facility 160x160.jpg

The facility offers surface analysis instrumentation including XPS, TOF-SIMS and AFM.

Manhattan, NY (Harlem)

CUNY ASRC Surface Science Facility

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