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NYC Applied Physics Programs

with nano focus areas

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New York University

MS Applied Physics

The Department of Applied Physics is dedicated to educating each new generation and preparing them to explore the practical uses and applications of physics. If you’re interested in bridging the gap between pure physics and engineering and learning how knowledge of condensed matter and quantum mechanics are changing the world, Applied Physics might be the course of study for you.

As an MS student in the Applied Physics program at the NYU Tandon School of Engineering, you will be prepared to master and apply the most fundamental and influential science. You will learn in an innovative environment and gain the skills needed to thrive in sectors such as alternative energy, physics-based nanotechnology, quantum mechanics, optical technology, health and wellness, and global information technology. The MS Applied Physics program fosters an understanding of the evolution of the science and will emphasize modern advancements in physics, in addition to classical methods.

The graduate program in Applied Physics strongly supports research initiatives by students. With only two required courses and manifold electives, the Master of Science in Applied Physics leaves opportunities open for student-conducted research projects inspired by the range of available coursework. There is no better time to continue to build upon your foundation of physics as the field changes both academically and professionally.

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Applied Physics

Columbia University

PhD Applied Physics & Applied Mathematics

The Department of Applied Physics and Applied Mathematics includes undergraduate and graduate studies in the fields of applied physics, applied mathematics, and materials science and engineering.


The graduate program in applied physics includes plasma physics and controlled fusion; solid-state physics; optical and laser physics; medical physics; atmospheric, oceanic, and earth physics; and applied mathematics.

The department is a leader in advanced research including nanoscale science, advanced scientific computing, applied mathematics, earth science, plasma physics, and materials for information technologies. Our faculty members play leading roles in the Columbia Nano Initiative and the Department of Energy (DOE)-funded Plasma Physics Laboratory

 in research initiatives that include:

  • Plasma physics and fusion research

  • Optical, laser, and solid-state physics

  • Dynamical systems and chaos

  • Computational and applied mathematics

  • Large-scale scientific computation

  • Atmospheric, oceanic and earth physics

  • Materials science & engineering

  • Nanoscience

  • Medical physics

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Applied Physics and Applied Mathematics

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