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Dr. Steven Larson

Professor of Radiology

Memorial Sloan Kettering CC

Research Summary

My laboratory’s primary expertise is in molecular imaging, targeted radio diagnosis, and therapy using small molecules and monoclonal antibodies. Currently, I am corresponding primary investigator of Memorial Sloan Ketterings’s In Vivo Cellular and Molecular Imaging Center (ICMIC) and coleader, with Ingo Mellinghoff and Charles Sawyers, of Research Project 4, studying molecular imaging correlates and biology of activation of the AR-axis in castrate-resistant prostate cancer. This project builds on extensive prior imaging collaborations with prostate cancer specialists Howard Scher, Michael Morris, and Peter Scardino and has led to the development of molecular imaging approaches to androgen receptor (AR) imaging as well as several novel radioantibodies that image downstream effectors of AR signaling.

Research Topics




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